Hotels and Gastronomy

I’m a freelance writer and editor but, before I moved to Austria, I was a hotel and restaurant marketing manager in St Andrews, Scotland.

It’s approximately 1700 km away from my home in Bad Ischl, but the two places have more in common than you might think.

They’re both areas of outstanding natural beauty.

They both have massive historical significance within their countries.

They both depend on the tourism industry to survive, and have done so for generations.

They’re both exciting places to be, with vibrant, modern, luxurious voices sitting alongside and learning from traditional establishments.

Most importantly, when people travel to St Andrews or the Salzkammergut, it’s often to visit a place that has come to mean the world to them. Often, a trip there is less of a holiday and more of a personal pilgrimage.

This is where I come in

When you work with me, I’ll use my tourism marketing expertise alongside my exceptional writing and editing skills to create something that represents your unique business in your authentic voice, which just happens to be in English.

Projects can be big or small.

If we’re starting from scratch, I can translate your existing German website or visitor materials into English to help English-speaking visitors to find you.

I can write for your guidebook, magazine or website to tell people exactly why they should come to Austria. By the way, I’m particularly invested in helping young families to enjoy their time in the Salzkammergut.

I can manage social media profiles for you so that you can expand your international audience. All you have to do is provide the images, and I’ll tell the story.

We could also start small.

I can edit an existing translation of your website or visitor materials so that it reads perfectly in English.

I can proofread your menus or guest information cards so you can be confident that you’ve avoided any annoying (or even embarrassing) mistakes.

Details always matter.

If you hire me to perfect your English content, it’s far more likely that international guests will find you as they’re planning their trips. They’ll then spend more time on your website, giving you more of a chance to convert them to a sale. If you’re a hotel or tourist attraction, they’re more likely to buy or book through a well written English site rather than going through a third party which costs you commission. 

Get in touch if you want to start a conversation about improving your English content or creating a brand new text. I’ll do a short audit of your existing content and then we can talk about exactly what you need to make your business stand out to your English speaking clients.