Editing and Proofreading

Your editor is your most valuable teammate.

You know what you want to say. It’s my job to make sure that your audience knows it too.

Why hire me as a freelance editor?

  • I get to know you, your message and your personality so that we can say what you’re trying to say, exactly how you want to say it.
  • I take industry jargon and make it into something that anyone can understand – and act on.
  • I keep an eye on your whole project, so you can rest assured that page 180 won’t contradict what you said on page 9.
  • I take care of the technical side of things, formatting your your text for house or academic style.
  • And when I’m done, I proofread your text to make sure that every full stop, comma, page number, and footnote is doing what it should.

Since I went freelance in 2019, I’ve edited everything from children’s books to marketing posters, academic project proposals to books for the mass-market.

Sometimes we all need a second set of eyes on our work.

Take a look at my portfolio or contact me here for a quote.