I highly recommend the editing services provided by Mairi. Her thoroughness and attention to detail are unparalleled, resulting in refined manuscripts that resonate with readers. Her professionalism and timely communication made the entire collaboration process seamless and enjoyable. Working with Mairi is an absolute pleasure, and I have continued collaborating with her on my other projects.

Here, you’ll find a list of the fantastic people, projects, and organisations I’ve worked with.


I’ve written content and copy for . . .

The Girls’ Brigade International, an NGO for the rights and empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Project:Vienna, a gap-year programme and Bible school in the Austrian capital.

Plants Spark Joy, a blog devoted to raising and nurturing windowsill gardens.

Small Pet Select, a premium pet supplies store teaching humans to be the best pet parents they can be.

I’m a part of Team Peanut, covering parenting and women’s health.

And I’m a regular at Grow and Convert and KYO Digital content agencies, working with clients spanning health, SaaS, and personal finance.

I’ve also contributed to . . .

Potluck Zine issues 2 and 4. Like sharing food, hate the injustice of food poverty? This magazine is for you.

British in Austria for the ‘My Corner of Austria’ blog. These are a few of my favourite things . . . about life in Bad Ischl. Not many raindrops on roses, but lots of cake and ice cream.

The 2022 Reasons to be Cheerful annual, where I wrote about how the tiny, volunteer-run district museums in Vienna are the perfect cure for homesickness.

You can also read my articles on the weirdest moments in Austrian history on Medium and Substack.

Editing and Proofreading

I’ve edited website and marketing content for . . .

FoRel, a project supporting women religious leaders.

And I work with ink and paper too . . .

I provided copyediting or proofreading services for these fantastic books:

Answering the Psalmist’s Perplexity (New Studies in Biblical Theology) – James Hely Hutchinson (IVP, 2024).

Can i Be Brave? – Chloe Scott (Moment by Moment, 2023).

The Hopinol Skopinol series of activity books for children – Sipiwe Sikwila (Something Me Books, new editions 2023).

Reconnect Your Church: A practical handbook for church revitalisation – David Brown (IVP, 2023).

History of Early Christianity – Marcus Öhler, translated by Jason Valdez (Baylor University Press, 2023).

Red Thread: Occult to Science and Beyond – Anne Marie Kampf, 2023.

Navigating a World of Grace: the promise of generous orthodoxy – Graham Tomlin (SPCK, 2022).

What’s the Point of Theology? Wisdom, Wellbeing and Wonder – Alister McGrath (SPCK, 2022).

The Way of the Franciscans: a prayer journey through lent – Daniel P. Horan (SPCK, 2021).

The Sex Thing: reimagining conversations with young people about sex – Rachel Gardner (SPCK, 2021).

International Study Guides 47: Christianity Worldwide 1800 to 2000 – ed. Jehu J. Hanciles (SPCK, 2021).

I Am Living a Dream: The Inspirational Journey of a Radish (English Translation) – Lia Ha Leong Rohsmann (KSH Systems, 2021).

Memories of Atlantis: A Dream of Freedom (English Translation) – Christine Laschkolnig (KSH Systems, 2021).

And for the English translation of the Kinderbibel project.

I’ve also worked with staff and students from the University of Vienna, the Central European University, the University of Wales and the University of St Andrews on projects in the faculties of theology, history, and comparative literature.

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