Text Services

Mairi Bunce is a freelance editor, proofreader and content writer working in the Austrian Salzkammergut

I’m curious and I love to make things. That’s why you want me on your team when it’s time to put pen to paper.

What can Salzkammergut English do for me?

To make things simple, I break my text services into 3 different categories.

I write original content

  • I research, write and check original content just for your project to your specifications and brief.

I edit texts

  • I fix the spelling, grammar and punctuation of your existing text, just as I would if I was proofreading.
  • I make improvements to the structure of your text that will make your message clearer.
  • I keep your tone of voice in mind to make sure that it’s consistent and appropriate for your intended audience.

I proofread

  • I read your English text closely and correct inconsistencies or mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Why should you hire a writer or editor?

Writing is hard, even in your first language.

A basic translation is easy to come by. Based on my experience in Austria, you can probably just about do it yourself. The problem is, a word-for-word translation will often lose a lot of your personal tone of voice. It can sound clumsy. ‘False friends’ and ‘Germanisms’ can slip through. When it’s finished, an English-speaking reader will probably understand what you meant, but it won’t be enough to make you stand out and ensure that they follow through and become a customer.

And, if nothing else, crafting the perfect text takes valuable time. If you hire me to take care of it, whether writing original content or polishing what you already have, you get the chance to concentrate on all the other things that keep your business or project going.

Why should I work with Salzkammergut English?

First of all, my CV is great. I have a literature degree and a teaching background. I know how to construct a text of any length in English and my attention to grammatical detail is impeccable.

But I’m also more than that:

  • I’m a storyteller who writes for fun. My texts get to the heart of why your project or your business matters and what it should mean for your reader.
  • I’m a native Scot who’s lived in Vienna and Bad Ischl since 2014. I’ve got one foot in Austria and one in the English-speaking world and I know what to write to bring the two together.  
  • I have a background in hotel and tourism marketing. In the past, I’ve worked with academics, small businesses, blogs and charities, but I can do something really special when I’m writing for tourism, hospitality and gastronomy.
  • Finally, I still can’t believe that I have the privilege of living in the Salzkammergut. This excitement drives everything I write.

I’ve created websites, articles, blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns both printed and on social media, leaflets, product descriptions, menus and lots more besides.

Contact me today if you’re interested in any of the services I offer. I’ll do a short audit of your existing content and then we can talk about exactly what you need to make your business stand out to your English speaking clients.