Mairi is currently Open for New Projects

Anyone can be a writer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys it. If you’re fighting with your content strategy, suffering from writer’s block, or if you just don’t have enough hours in the day, it makes sense to bring in a freelance content writer.

A good copywriter doesn’t just know a lot of words – they know which ones to use and how to find the perfect tone of voice for you.

They’re not just concerned with one blog post, or web page – they keep a bird’s-eye view on all your content. This keeps things structured and clear, which makes it easy for your audience to say ‘yes please’.

And they’re not just there to sprinkle your content with the latest keywords – they know that writing with SEO in mind means writing quality content that human beings want to read.

But what’s the best thing about hiring a freelance content writer (and, if I’m honest, being one)?

Your content becomes a conversation.

I’ll get to know you, your project, and why it matters, so your content tells the story you want it to tell.

My specialisms

I’m curious, and I love to learn. If I get to write about new things from new angles, I have a good day at my desk.

But every writer has their niches, so here are a few of the areas I’ve worked in most.

  • Tourism and gastronomy
  • Parenting, feminism, and women’s health
  • Education
  • Churches and religious outreach
  • Personal finance
  • ‘How-to guides’, including lifestyle, gardening, and pet care

And I don’t put my pen down when I’m off the clock . . .

So, if you want to know about that time that everyone in Vienna became obsessed with giraffes – head over to my articles on Medium.

And if you want to hear about why Vanilla Kipferl, in the right hands, are the perfect cure for culture shock – my pieces in the fabulous Potluck Zine are for you.

You can also read about my family’s adventures as we get to know the Austrian Salzkammergut on Instagram – @salzkammergut_kids.

And my full portfolio is right here.