English Play and Learn for Children

Spring 2024 Semester 8/10 April – 10/12 June

Courses in the wonderful Eltern Kind Zentrum Bad Ischl.

Learning languages is fun, even if you’re really, really small. So, in 2021, I started an English course for children in the Salzkammergut.

English course for children in Kindergarten and Volksschule

Designed for hands-on learning through play, movement, and song. Each week will be a mix of familiar songs and a new theme based on the changing seasons and the children’s favourite things.

An English course for children shouldn’t be about perfect grammar. And the students certainly shouldn’t have to sit still! That’s why the English Play and Learn programme focuses on crafts, games, music, and the world the children see when they step outside the classroom door. Yes, we’ll learn our colours, shapes, and numbers. We’ll just do it while we build a miniature version of Bad Ischl, or pretend that it’s our birthday, or wait for the leaves to open on the trees outside…

Baby music course

Designed to introduce the littlest learners to their first words and sounds in English with an emphasis on bonding and discovery. 

Each baby music class starts with a familiar set of classic English children’s songs enhanced with props, musical instruments, and lots of opportunities for cuddles and tickles.

Then, we introduce ‘Baby Sensory’ elements for the little ones to explore: colours, textures, sounds, lights, and meeting their own reflections in the mirror. These sensory games change with the seasons and we’ll learn new songs that match each new theme.

Finally, we wind down with some more cuddly songs, and say goodbye until next week.

We also take a break in the middle of each class so that the grown-ups can have a chance to relax and connect with each other. Those early days can be tough (I know — I have three small kids of my own at home)!

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    Programme for English Play and Learn Spring 2023 – English course for children in Bad Ischl Salzkammergut