English Play + Learn for Children

Courses from November 2022 in the Eltern Kind Zentrum Bad Ischl!

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Learning languages is fun, even if you’re really, really small. So, in 2021, I started a programme of English language play and music groups for babies and kindergarteners in Bad Ischl.

English courses for Kindergarten and Volksschulkinder

Designed for hands-on learning through play, movement, and song. Each week will be a mix of familiar songs and a new theme based on the world outside the classroom door.

Baby music courses – Starting January 2023

Designed to introduce the littlest learners to their first words and sounds in English with an emphasis on bonding and discovery.  We’ll also take a break in the middle of each class so that the grown-ups can have a chance to relax and connect with each other. Those early days can be tough!

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